The ultimate guide to planning your garage storage and shelving system

Tidying and sorting out the garage is the type of job that is easy to put off and can stay on the “to do” list for a long time. However, once you get started, it can prove worthwhile and even end up giving you a huge sense of satisfaction – not to mention lots more storage space!

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Clear Out

The first thing you need to do is to be ruthless and decide if you really do need to keep everything that you currently have stored in your garage. Bikes, lawnmowers, camping equipment and tools can all take up large amounts of space, so if you haven’t used some of it for years, maybe now is the time to take it to the junk yard, sell it or give it away. When organising your garage, make sure the items you use regularly are the easiest to access.

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How to prevent racking and shelving accidents

Racking and shelving can present a potential hazard to warehouse operatives. The racking itself can become unstable, or falls can occur when workers are retrieving items from shelving. There are many ways, however, in which the risk of accidents can be minimised and the workforce can be kept safe.

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The risk of accidents from racking and shelving

According to the Health and Safety Executive, warehousing and storage is a complex industry that can expose workers to a multitude of risks.

In order to minimise those risks, all employers need to put appropriate health and safety arrangements in place. This starts with an effective health and safety management system. Employers start by identifying the key health and safety priorities and assessing the risks to employees.

Then, they put measures in place to eliminate the risks where possible by using safe systems of work and providing warehouse employees with