Tank Aces of the Past

It’s all very well having an awesome armoured fighting machine but if you don’t have skilled soldiers and commanders operating and guiding it, it’s just a worthless hunk of metal. Here are some of the most notable tank commanders throughout history:

Most Lethal Attack

Captain Michael Wittmann of the German Army was credited with destroying 138 tanks during WWII. He is also said to have destroyed 132 anti-tank guns and numerous other military vehicles during the fight against the Soviets and in Normandy, France. The SS Hauptsturmfuhrer was also in charge during a vicious attack against the British Army in June 1944, obliterating 14 tanks and other vehicles in just 15 minutes. He died on 8th August 1944 in his Tiger I tank when attacked by 5 Sherman tanks of the allied forces.

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Best tank commander in recent history 

It has been said that Lt. Zwi Greengold …