8 Steps to Prepare Your House for Exterior Paint

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We had actually all love an immaculately painted home that belongs on the cover of a residence-style magazine. Nonetheless, obtaining that degree of the aesthetic allure isn’t as very easy as spraying and cleaning on the best paint shades as well as calling it a day. Luckily, there are useful steps you can take to prepare your home for a remarkable outside paint task that will make you proud.

  1. Plan Your Project Throughout Great Weather
    If you’re planning to tackle your paint job on the weekends, recognize that obtaining the most effective outside paintwork needs three weekends of great weather. Provide on your own a barrier if unpredicted rainfall or moisture sneaks in. To be on the risk-free side, carve out a month throughout the dry period for your job when temperatures drop between 50 and also 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
    If you paint throughout a stormy climate, it can cause your uncured paint coat to sore. You’ll also need a ladder with great support or a scaffold if your home has greater than one story.
  2. Prepare and also Tidy the Location
    Get rid of items near your house such as patio area furniture, grills, and garbage can, as well as position them far from the wall surface of your residence. Tape and cover electrical outlet boxes as well as fixtures with ground cloth and also painter’s tape.
    Cut trees as well as shrubs and cover landscaping with a ground cloth. (You do not want paint on your flowering geraniums!).
  3. Laundry the Outside.
    Cleaning the whole outside of your house allows the paint to adhere to the surface area. Use a stress washer with a cleansing option or a hose as well as a scrub brush if you don’t have a lot of peeling off and also flaking paint.
    For houses with mold, utilize one part of chlorine bleach to 3 components of water or a mildewcide. Operate in areas and also wash the surface area well.
    If your house has softwood tiles or house siding, hand laundry it with a cleaning agent and water.
  4. Test for Lead as well as Scratch the Paint.
    The dirt in lead-based paint can harm your household, pets, as well as next-door neighbors. If your home was built prior to 1978, when the EPA prohibited lead paint for houses, your paint could have lead.
    You can get a lead screening set online for around $25 or take paint chip examples to a testing laboratory. If your paint examinations are favorable for lead, you’ll require to take these safety measures:
    Wear an N100 or professional-grade respirator with HEPA cartridges, and also a microporous safety fit.
    o Make use of a HEPA vacuum.
    o Put down a plastic ground cloth to gather the scrapings.
    o Wet the paint with a spray bottle to reduce harmful dust.
    o Remove loose paint with a paint scraper or cable brush.
    o Dispose of hazardous materials in sealed trash bags.
    If your paint is lead-free, a mask will do. Make use of a home heating gun to soften the paint and also conserve time. To avoid house siding damages, scrape towards the wood grain.
    Associated Write-up.
    Repainting beyond your home can be a tough do-it-yourself project, so consider a professional house painter for the work.
  5. Sand the Exterior.
    Fining sand is necessary to create a mechanical bond between paint coats. When the paint isn’t lumpy as well as rough, smooth the surface area with 80-grit sandpaper.
    Speed up the procedure with a pad or orbit sander. To eliminate scrapes, sand with 100 to 120-grit paper. Use medium-grit sandpaper for weather-beaten timber and fine-grit paper for trim as well as doors.
  6. Caulk Gaps, Spot Holes, and Replace Timber Rot.
    When sanding is full, change any siding or cut that you can not salvage. Use epoxy to fix decaying timber or change the wood. Fill up spaces around doors, home windows, and trim with outside caulk in a caulk gun. You may wish to prime first considering that the guide safeguards timber.
  7. Prime Spots and also Bare Places.
    Prime any type of discolorations or exposed locations with a stain-blocking primer making use of a paintbrush. Primer will permeate as well as seal the location so paint bonds to the surface area.
    If you’re changing the paint color more than a couple of tones, apply a coat of guide to the residence to guarantee even protection. Spray the heads of screws and nails with metal primer to stop rust from bleeding with the paint.
  8. It’s Time to Paint.
    It’s lastly time to make your home luster. Prior to your repaint, cover your mailbox, lighting fixtures, doors, and also cut with plastic sheet using painter’s tape. Put your recommended shade of eggshell latex or level paint right into your sprayer. Functioning inside out, use a couple of coats as required to the entire house.
    Making use of a backrolling method with two painters will cut your time in half. A single person sprays the house while an additional adhere to with a roller raveling the sprayed paint.
    Get rid of the plastic sheet covering your trim when it prepares to be repainted. For a posh look, select an accent trim color in a semi-gloss shine.

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