I Have Been Working on a Sale

I was not really all that keen on any of this stuff, but I have a job and some times you have to do stuff that is not really all that above board. I tell Kelly about it and she does not like anything about it, aside from the fact that I am honest about it. At any rate some times the job involves hanging out at strip clubs and there are tons of them in this city obviously. This is the first time I had to get involved with a Las Vegas escort service, because normally the company is not interested in getting involved in that sort of thing. Of course when there is enough money involved everyone can forget a lot of stuff and this was one of the occasions where the reward made everyone figure out how far they were willing to go. I found it hard to grasp the situation at all.

It is a lot like this stuff they talk about with the president and the Russians so far as I am concerned. If I were going to do something like this, then I would make sure that no one else could hold it over me. This client is from all appearances a highly respected man, a deacon in his church. Of course that is in the state of Washington somewhere and not in Las Vegas, where no one knows who is he aside from me and a few others in the office. It seems like you would make sure that no one knew anything about that sort of stuff, aside from yourself and the one other person that has to be involved. Obviously you would fix it so that this person was told that your name was John Smith who pays in cash and does not leave a trail a private investigator could follow.