Getting More Than Our Nails Done

I wanted to get a manicure and pedicure in Singapore. I was just there for a few weeks visiting my parents, and I broke a nail. I would have just waited until I had gotten home if it wasn’t for that. I went to the nail salon that my mom uses, and I decided to pamper myself. I usually just get the quick nail job done when I go to these places, but I was in a lazy mood and just wanted some pampering to take place. My mom went with me, which is one of the reasons I was feeling this way too!

We both really enjoyed the experience, but we were not done after our manicures and pedicures. The nail salon offered other services too, but there was just one that I was interested in. I asked the nail tech who helped us about their foot reflexology, and she explained it perfectly to me. She also suggested I visit their website so I could get a better understanding if I had more questions. That was lovely to know, but I did not need to do that because she had answered everything I needed to know.

I asked my mom if she was interested in getting the back and shoulder massage while I had the foot massage done. She is just way too ticklish to have her feet massaged for 30 minutes, but I felt she would surely enjoy the back and shoulder massage. We both decided to go for it, and it relaxed both of us in ways that we never could have expected. I felt so much better after my foot massage, and I could tell that my easy going mom was feeling very relaxed too, much more than usual. Now that I am home, I am going to look for a nail salon that offers the same services here.