How to choose a football kit

Whether you are a small Sunday league or school side or a big Premier or English Football League (EFL) club will influence how you choose your kit. Larger clubs with sponsors will have the luxury of not having to pay for their kit; however, they may also have restrictions when it comes to style, colour and decoration.

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The choice of shirt will clearly depend first and foremost on the colours your team plays in. Having already inherited these colours – or chosen them from scratch if you are a new team – the rest depends on a number of things.


If you are part of a league, you will be required to have a home kit and an away kit. These need to be fairly stark in their difference so that you will never clash with the opposing team. If your club is not too cash-strapped and you can afford separate kits for playing and for football training drills, you might be looking for three different options.

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In addition to the playing kit, you also have to consider peripheral items such as gloves, coats, tracksuits and training bibs. This is before you have even thought about accessories such as shin pads, boots (although the majority of players provide their own) and kit bags.


You will need to consider the quality and how hard-wearing the kit is. A knockabout with football training drills in practice is one thing, but the harsh brutality of a match can sometimes take more than its toll. As an example, you can visit Sportplan for football training drills.

The rules

You may be under the impression that you have more choice than you actually do; however, the FA’s Law 4 regulates what it calls the players’ equipment, spelling out what can and cannot be worn on the pitch. Ignore this at your peril, as the referee can ask a player to leave the pitch if he or she is not complying. The referee will also fill out a post-match report, which could see your club penalised.

Once you know what colour and type of kit and accessories you want and you are certain that you are complying with Law 4, all you have to do is ask for your players’ sizes and you are ready to go shopping. Good luck!