2019’s hottest shoe trends

If you love shoes, 2019 is going to be a great year for you. With trainers getting chunkier, sandals getting less visible, buckles getting bigger and the much debated animal print firmly back in vogue, the hottest shoes this year are truly something to celebrate. Let’s have a look at the most exciting shoe trends for the year ahead.

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Animal print

Animal print is going to be HUGE throughout 2019. Dresses, coats, tops, bags, sunglasses and now .. shoes too. Think animal print ankle boots with your work clothes and then animal print stilettos for the partying afterwards. It’s not restricted to leopard print either; zebra, giraffe and even snakeskin patterns are hot property. Perfect with a pair of jeans and a smartly tailored top.


Buckles come and go, but in 2019 they are quite firmly in the here and now. This year buckles are big and in multiples. Ankle boots and even shoes in black or red leather may feature a series of gold or silver buckles, which create a stunning look inspired by the Wild West. Ideal for a big night out, although getting them off at the end of the night may take some help from a friend.

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Chunky Trainers

There are other ways to add an inch or two to your height than a pair of high heels. Chunky trainers do the job perfectly, and they should be bright, brash and vibrant. Sitting on the edges of the shoe trends for the past couple of years, chunky-soled trainers are making their biggest appearance yet this year. They are the perfect choice with maxi dresses and gold hoops, bringing back a bit of noughties Lily Allen glamour. The summer-ready collection found at online stores such as https://www.axparis.com/collections/maxi-dresses offers a wide choice of flattering and versatile dresses.

Bare(ish) feet

Shoes that are barely there, whether it’s because they feature transparent straps or uber-thin straps, are massive this year. The perfect compromise between bare feet and feminine glamour, a pair of barely there strappy heels is the perfect finish to a summer outfit.

Whether you want to go brash with animal print, loud with chunky trainers, bold with buckles or perfectly measured with a pair of feminine barely-there shoes, there’s a shoe for every occasion in 2019.