The ultimate guide to planning your garage storage and shelving system

Tidying and sorting out the garage is the type of job that is easy to put off and can stay on the “to do” list for a long time. However, once you get started, it can prove worthwhile and even end up giving you a huge sense of satisfaction – not to mention lots more storage space!

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Clear Out

The first thing you need to do is to be ruthless and decide if you really do need to keep everything that you currently have stored in your garage. Bikes, lawnmowers, camping equipment and tools can all take up large amounts of space, so if you haven’t used some of it for years, maybe now is the time to take it to the junk yard, sell it or give it away. When organising your garage, make sure the items you use regularly are the easiest to access.

You should treat your garage the same as your home and make sure it is secure and there is nothing of very high value kept in there. It is also worth checking that items stored in your garage are covered by your insurance policy, not only for theft, but also for damage caused by flooding or extreme weather conditions.

Homeowners who are looking to buy homes ranked a garage as the second most desirable requirement when buying a home, and this was especially true in cities where parking is at a premium.

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Before investing in any shelving, make sure you measure the wall space correctly and work out what you will be putting on the shelves to ensure you get the right size, weight and width for your garage shelving Ireland needs. Use the maximum amount of wall space you can; you can never have too much storage! You should also check that the shelving won’t cover any electrical sockets you need access to, or cause an obstruction when opening the door. Options for garage shelving Ireland include a wide variety of styles in different sizes.


Workbenches are essential for any kind of repairing. If possible, choose one that is easy to fold away in addition to being portable.


Other accessories worth investing in include pin boards, hook, pegs and anything you can hang on the wall to store spare items such as garden tools.