Gas Leaks How to Spot Them and What to Do

A gas leak is an emergency, so you need to know how to recognise one and what to do if you suspect that gas is leaking from a fire, boiler or other gas appliance.

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The Uswitch website reports that there have been 31 deaths from gas leaks in the last three years. And as well as the fatalities, there were another 1,000 injuries. So it’s definitely an issue to take seriously.

Once gas is present, it can ignite through flames from a cigarette lighter or sparks from a cooker ring being lit. Many people aren’t aware that even a mobile phone can emit electricity with sufficient charge to ignite gas.

So here are the three main indicators to watch out for. Remember that if you suspect there is a gas leak at your property, you need to contact the gas emergency line.

1. Room Smells of Gas

The gas is not going to poison you instantly, but if you can smell gas, you need to take action. Don’t use lighters, battery ignition devices or mobile phones. Don’t switch on lights, but do open windows to let the gas out. Go outside, and call the free gas emergency line number: 0800 111 999.

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2. Carbon Monoxide Burns Yellow

In your boiler, if it’s one where you can see the flames, and in your gas fire or on your hob, check the colour and shape of the flame. A gas flame is a slim blue flame. If you see a fatter yellow flame, that means that carbon monoxide is present.

This is a poisonous gas, and you need to take action. You can call the gas emergency number if you think there is a carbon monoxide leak at the property. Alternatively, call a gas safe emergency plumber Gloucester such as, who will be able to check the appliances and ensure that there’s no risk to the household.

3. Dark Marks on Appliances

Sooty marks mean that the gas is not burning cleanly and that traces of gas are escaping from the appliance. Again, take action by calling an emergency plumber.

Servicing appliances each year can ensure that you don’t get these problems – the gas safe plumber will test a fire or boiler to make sure it’s safe to use.