How to prevent racking and shelving accidents

Racking and shelving can present a potential hazard to warehouse operatives. The racking itself can become unstable, or falls can occur when workers are retrieving items from shelving. There are many ways, however, in which the risk of accidents can be minimised and the workforce can be kept safe.

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The risk of accidents from racking and shelving

According to the Health and Safety Executive, warehousing and storage is a complex industry that can expose workers to a multitude of risks.

In order to minimise those risks, all employers need to put appropriate health and safety arrangements in place. This starts with an effective health and safety management system. Employers start by identifying the key health and safety priorities and assessing the risks to employees.

Then, they put measures in place to eliminate the risks where possible by using safe systems of work and providing warehouse employees with

How curry houses came to Britain

In Britain we are truly blessed, we are very lucky to have such a wide and diverse choice of cultural food to choose from. Not only are there the good old-fashioned English standards like Fish and Chips or Sausages and Mash plus the Carvery Roast, we can also select options from a vast selection of Italian, Chinese and Indian restaurants and take-aways.

Let’s take a look at the ever-popular curry house, how did we get to have this Jewel in the Crown in our country?

There is nothing like sitting down in an Indian restaurant as the chef works away on a commercial 4 burner gas oven (probably similar to the ones you can find at ) mixing together all of the aromatic herbs and spices that we have come to love, to bring you a taste sensation. We are now truly spoilt for choice when it comes to …

Tank Aces of the Past

It’s all very well having an awesome armoured fighting machine but if you don’t have skilled soldiers and commanders operating and guiding it, it’s just a worthless hunk of metal. Here are some of the most notable tank commanders throughout history:

Most Lethal Attack

Captain Michael Wittmann of the German Army was credited with destroying 138 tanks during WWII. He is also said to have destroyed 132 anti-tank guns and numerous other military vehicles during the fight against the Soviets and in Normandy, France. The SS Hauptsturmfuhrer was also in charge during a vicious attack against the British Army in June 1944, obliterating 14 tanks and other vehicles in just 15 minutes. He died on 8th August 1944 in his Tiger I tank when attacked by 5 Sherman tanks of the allied forces.

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Best tank commander in recent history 

It has been said that Lt. Zwi Greengold …