Five Steps to Set Up Your Home Office

Working from home is a dream for many, but separating work from home life is essential.

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Look at setting up your office in a corner of your home where you can walk away at the end of the day and not be distracted by piles of ironing or the lure of the TV in the corner. Additionally, carefully consider installing efficient broadband which can meet the demands of a busy home office environment.

Setting Up

When setting up a home office, a good place to start is by making a list of the essentials. Include all the basic items you require, such as a desk, laptop or computer, but don’t overlook VoIP connectivity, which allows you to register IP addresses.

Consider what equipment you will need to successfully run a home office. If this includes having a mic and webcam or a full telephone adapter, such items may require specialist advice from a wholesale VoIP termination provider such as

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Selecting a broadband package from the right provider can be daunting when setting up a home office. It is essential to conduct research and consider how often and how much you will rely on a connection.

A dedicated business broadband package can offer many benefits such as technical support and extra security to prevent viruses, hackers or phishing. You could also consider opting for an additional telephone line so that business calls don’t get intercepted by little ones in the household. It’s another step to prevent work from interfering with your home life. Advice on broadband suppliers can be obtained from – who can guide you through your options.

Static IP Address

So the desk is set up, you’ve bought your new stationery and chosen a broadband supplier, so you’re ready to go.

However, consider whether you will need a static IP address. A static IP address will allow you to run a server, access your PC remotely and host a VPN, amongst many other technical things! Basically, a static IP address will provide you with faster upload speeds – essential if you will be hosting video conferences, sending large files or using Skype in your business,. Some services can also offer cloud storage and even additional email addresses, so before you choose the furnishings remember to think about the often overlooked connectivity factors.