Protect Your Home the Smart Way with ADT

Human beings have been taking steps to protect their homes from intrusion and fire risk from our earliest ancestors. We have a wonderful capacity to help each other and protect each other, but not every human being is on board with that. Some will take from you or do purposeful harm to you simply because they can. The goal then is to make your home a hard target. You need to make the risk too high for them to take to get the reward they are seeking. We got ADT in Hialeah Gardens to make our home a hard target. That is how you deter criminal activity away from your home to a softer target.

There is a big plus to having a modern home security system too, and that is the fire and carbon monoxide protection they provide. You get early warning of any smoke, fire or CO gas risk, and the 24-hour monitoring will connect you to a live agent if a sensor is tripped. Even if you are incapacitated or not home, help will be sent. Who will call for you if you are incapacitated during an emergency? The modern ADT system has it all under control.

I like it that all of our smoke and CO gas detectors are connected together to a central alarm panel. It would be unlikely for us to hear a smoke alarm in our basement going off in the middle of the night by itself. Being connected to the central alarm system makes it so we know what is going on anywhere in the house and even the detached garage. We like our protective ADT system. It was money well spent, and the monitoring is cheaper per month that what I spend at Starbucks getting coffee for work. It is inexpensive insurance against disaster.