Five types of trousers and how to wear them

Do you ever open your trouser drawer, see the pile of shades and styles, and draw a blank? This comprehensive guide to the five most important styles of trousers will surely be what you need to create endless outfits for any occasion.

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From casual to semi-smart and first-date-appropriate, the way you style your jeans will depend on their colour and fit. For example, a skinny pair with a light wash, faded areas or stylish rips is perfect for a casual day out. Take away the rips and darken the colour, and you’ve got the perfect pair to be styled with a shirt.


The trouser of choice for many smart-casual events, chinos are perhaps more versatile, albeit more difficult to style. If you’re stuck on these, you could consult on how to make these bad boys work, or just go with the rule of thumb: darken the colour for more formal looks, and go a bit more “out there” on colour for your casual days.

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There is a whole host of uses for this timeless classic. Wear these in earthy, warm tones and pair them with shirts for an easy vintage look. For a classier look on a cold day, wear them with a plain shirt and a blazer or jacket over the top. Many mens designer jackets complement a smart pair of corduroy trousers, helping you create that look with minimal effort.

Suit trousers

Stepping up on the formality scale, we reach suit trousers. As the name implies, you can mix and match them as part of a three-piece suit. Great for weddings, work, formal dinners and job interviews, you can’t go wrong with a pair of these. It would be a mistake to wear them with a t-shirt, though. T-shirts are strictly casual!

Tuxedo trousers

Tuxedo trousers make up the centrepiece of what can be the most thoughtfully put-together outfit. Think cufflinks, a coordinated belt colour, bow ties and a shiny pair of Oxfords – and nothing less. For these formal coordinates, you’ll want to buy from places like that specialise in creating this look for you.

This may seem like a lot to get your head around, but have faith. These fashion pointers will not steer you wrong.