What does a commis chef do in a commercial kitchen?

Cooking is such big news at the moment. With countless cookery programmes on TV and celebrity chefs with huge personalities, such as Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, it is no wonder so many people want a career in catering. You may have seen jobs advertised for commis chefs and wondered what this role involves.

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What is a commis chef?

You may have just completed your culinary training or still be at college and working at the same time. This is an ideal starting point for people who want to become chefs. One minute you could be chopping vegetables, the next you could be making sauces or plating up the food so that it looks as good as it tastes.

Qualifications required

Commis chefs can receive training on the job towards a BTEC or NVQ. You also need to successfully pass a food hygiene course to work in …

5 ways to make your rented home feel like yours

It’s not always easy to stamp your personality on a rented property the way you could if your name were on the deeds, but there are lots of simple ways to make it feel more like a home, and less like a hotel room.

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1. Decorating

Check the terms of your rental agreement, or ask your letting agent for guidance before even picking up a paintbrush. Decorating a feature wall to your taste can make a huge difference, and brighten up the magnolia palette shade landlords go for.

2. Use the wall space

Pictures, photographs, transfers, murals: they all use dead space, and make a house into a real home. You may need permission to hang things on the walls, but there are plenty of products around that promise a temporary solution, such as stick-on hooks that can be removed when you leave.

3. Plants

There are lots

Five types of trousers and how to wear them

Do you ever open your trouser drawer, see the pile of shades and styles, and draw a blank? This comprehensive guide to the five most important styles of trousers will surely be what you need to create endless outfits for any occasion.

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From casual to semi-smart and first-date-appropriate, the way you style your jeans will depend on their colour and fit. For example, a skinny pair with a light wash, faded areas or stylish rips is perfect for a casual day out. Take away the rips and darken the colour, and you’ve got the perfect pair to be styled with a shirt.


The trouser of choice for many smart-casual events, chinos are perhaps more versatile, albeit more difficult to style. If you’re stuck on these, you could consult on how to make these bad boys work, or just go with the rule of thumb: darken the …